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Отдел продаж

Components of metering devices

A comprehensive solution for Russian manufacturers of smart electricity metering devices that meets the requirements of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of June 19, 2020 No. 890

Communication node with relays and current transformers:

Current transformer
Terminal block

Current measuring sensors

Technical specifications:

  • Maximum switching current, 100 A
  • Maximum switching voltage, 230 V
  • Maximum power (resistive load) 23 kW
  • Material of the breaking contacts: Silver alloy
  • Contact resistance, (no more) 1 mOm
  • Contact closing/opening time, (no more) 20 ms
  • Rated voltage of the control pulse, 12 V
  • Minimum voltage of the control pulse, 9.6 V
  • The duration of the control pulse, 50-100 ms
  • Minimum insulation resistance at 500V DC, 1000 mOhm


  • in electric meters for commercial metering units


  • high magnetic permeability high thermal stability of characteristics;
  • low residual induction narrow hysteresis loop;
  • the properties of the amorphous metal core allow you to achieve an accuracy class of 0.1 S;
  • no influence of the constant component in the measured signal on the accuracy.

Production stages:

  1. Production of amorphous tape.
  2. Cutting amorphous tape to size.
  3. Winding of an amorphous tape.
  4. Annealing of the core of the current transformer.
  5. Packing in a case and gluing.
  6. Winding a copper wire on the core.
  7. Packing in a case.
  8. Filling with compound.
  9. Wire output.
  10. Soldering of pins for contacts.