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Energy saving transformers

Technical specifications:

  • Voltage 6 (10 )/0.4 kV
  • Compound group Δ/Un-11, Y/Zn-11
  • Climatic design of U (UHL) 3
  • Power: 63 kVa to 1600 kVa


  • Reduce idling losses by using an amorphous alloy
  • Reduced mass and full symmetry of the magnetic system due to the design
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Synchronous electric motors

End synchronous motor TSDG-18/8-U2 with a smooth stator made of amorphous alloy

Applicability: Electric traction drive motor in automotive engineering.


  • power -18 kW;
  • rated speed - 3500 rpm;
  • maximum speed - 5000 rpm;
  • nominal torque - 50 Nm;
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Heating components

Warm floors

Research and Production Complex AVTOPRIBOR produces underfloor heating of two types: cable and tape. There are many manufacturers of cable floors, but what makes our complex products stand out?

Electric heaters.

At the heart of the electric heaters produced by the Research and Production Complex "AVTOPRIBOR" is an amorphous tape, which is formed and filled with a sealing composite, which is an excellent heat conductor that promotes uniform heat distribution over the entire area of ​​the heating body. The body, in turn, consists of cold-rolled steel, which gives the product lightness and strength at the same time.

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Components of metering devices

A comprehensive solution for Russian manufacturers of smart electricity metering devices that meets the requirements of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of June 19, 2020 No. 890

Communication node with relays and current transformers:

  • Relay
  • Current transformer
  • Bus
  • Terminal block
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Amorphous tape

NPK AVTOPRIBOR has established industrial production of tape from amorphous materials. Amorphous materials are a class of metallic solids with an amorphous structure that forms during a high cooling rate. This prevents the formation of a crystal lattice inherent in metals.

Equipment for casting amorphous materials was designed according to its own unique developments NPK AVTOPRIBOR. Amorphous tape is produced by spinning, in which the melt is cooled on the surface of a bronze drum at a rate of up to one million degrees per second. The equipment of the complex allows the production of amorphous tape 15 microns thick. The thinner the tape, the wider the range of its application in electrical engineering.

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Electric motors

They are an integral part of the car wiper drive and are designed to drive the levers and wiper blades. The product consists of a DC motor with permanent magnet excitation and a gearbox that changes the speed and torque to the required values.

Technical parameters of production capabilities on the equipment of the enterprise:

  • Rated voltage from 12 to 24 Volts
  • Power up to 120 W
  • Armature speed up to 5000 rpm
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Cabling and wiring products

The cable produced by the Research and Production Complex "AVTOPRIBOR" has a wide range of applications, but the main one is the sphere of construction, domestic and architectural heating:

  • cable for heating concrete, which, when pouring the foundation, significantly accelerates the process of solidification of the mixture;
  • self-regulating cable to prevent freezing of water pipes and taps, roofs, storm and gutters, sewer pipes and various water tanks. The basis of the principle of heating this cable is the use of a semiconductor matrix, which is capable of changing the resistance and, accordingly, the heat release of each section of the cable, depending on the actual external conditions, i.e. each section of the cable is able to determine the operating mode for itself;
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Application: Lighting of roads of categories A, B and C, streets of all categories, microdistricts, parking areas, factory areas, railway platforms, construction sites (modifications Ш1, Ш2) LEDIL Applied optics: STRADA: STRADA-2X2-AT STRADA-2X2- DWC

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Components for charging stations

  1. Substations equipped with transformers with a core made of amorphous materials.
  2. A step-down transformer with an amorphous material core, as well as a rectifier and a voltage converter (400, 450, 500 volts).
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Complete transformer substations (KTP)

The body of the KTP is made of galvanized steel with a thickness of at least 2 mm, in accordance with the standards of PJSC ROSSETI. Climatic version U1, degree of protection IP34. The roof and walls of the KTP are collapsible for the convenience of repair.

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