Automatic-mechanical processing

  • Turning on automatic machines (including with CNC) and universal machines D max=40 mm
  • Round, centerless grinding operations Dmax=25 mm
  • Production of parts of bodies of rotation such as axes, shafts, bushings, fittings, screws, nuts, etc. with dimensional accuracy up to the 7th quality and roughness of the treated surfaces up to the 9th-12th class.


Production of parts by cold stamping (cutting, punching, bending, volumetric extrusion, etc.) from steel, aluminum alloys, copper, brass, cardboard, getinax, textolite and sheet rubber up to 500 mm in size.

Production of parts and blanks by cold stamping on the customer's ready-made stamps.

Production of parts on automatic stamping complexes, including with the use of sequential action stamps.

Materials used: ferrous and non-ferrous metals up to 5 mm thick, plastic, rubber in the form of sheets and tapes.

Stamping equipment:

  • OMCG automatic CNC bending line with the possibility of quick changeover for the production of more than 70 standard sizes of parts
  • multi-position sheet-stamping press machines PAUST with a force from 400kN to 3200kN
  • ERFURT multi-position sheet-stamping press machines with a force from 200 to 3200 kN
  • universal presses with a force from 100 kN to 1600 kN
  • universal presses KE 2130 and automatic stamping complexes with a force of 100-1000 kN
  • universal multi-slide bending machines 1AP293, 1AP509, A7111, A7115, MAG05, MAG12, "Biller" with a force from 50 kN to 250 kN
  • universal press machines with a force from 250 kN to 400 kN
  • high-speed press

Laser cutting

We will provide laser cutting of metal for the production of parts and products of any level of complexity

Laser cutting of sheet metal on our equipment is possible for the following materials:

  • Hot-rolled, cold-rolled, as well as electrical steel with a thickness of 0.5 to 8 mm;
  • Aluminum, brass, stainless steel can be cut at a thickness of 1 to 5 mm. Using nitrogen;
  • The dimensions of the sheets used on the laser installation are from 0.5 to 3 mm. 1250x2500;
  • The dimensions of the sheets used on the laser installation are from 0.5 to 8 mm. 1000x1500;

The labor intensity and price of laser metal cutting can significantly reduce the cost of parts with a complex configuration.


Casting of non-ferrous and ferrous metals

Injection molding of products made of aluminum and zinc alloys:

  • Preparation of alloys based on zinc and aluminum from the initial components
  • Recovery of zinc alloys by remelting from low-quality waste (slags)
  • Casting of castings under pressure weighing from 0.5 to 1000 g, with subsequent machining, with the production of internal and external threads
  • Casting in coquille of the simplest castings from zinc alloys weighing up to 20 kg and aluminum alloys weighing up to 5 kg.

Plastic casting

Injection molding from all types of polymer materials (more than 40 brands of leading domestic and foreign manufacturers-ABS, PP, POM, PMMA, PC, PBT, PVH, RA).

Two-component casting.

Wide technological potential:

  • Injection volume up to 2000 cm3
  • The locking force is 5-600 tons.

Technologies of two-component casting, overmoulding (casting with embedded parts), vibration welding, hot plate welding are used.

Casting equipment:

  • 50 injection molding machines from 5 to 600 tons
  • vertical injection molding machines
  • two-component injection molding machine
  • the line of casting large-sized products (provides for the joint operation of two injection molding and welding machines, the installation of blowing and checking for tightness, is equipped with robots and conveyors).

Production of rubber products

Production of rubber products

Tasks – ensuring the needs of our own production in the rubber mixture, the supply of ready-made rubber mixture to order


  • O-rings
  • Gaskets
  • Bushings
  • Gaskets
  • Rubber cover for windscreen cleaning systems


  • Rubber mixer - Preparation of rubber mixtures of various formulations; productivity from 1500 kg per day.
  • ROLLERS - The possibility of producing a rubber compound of a given shape
  • Cooling bath + Cloth laying device-Automated production of rubber mixing cloth
  • Vulcanization presses - The possibility of using molds of various complexity, high-performance equipment.
  • RTI cleaning line - Degreasing of products in special baths, technical drying of products.
  • Automatic anti-friction coating line of various configurations

Extrusion line

Two-component extruder - the possibility of producing two-component RTI

The device for preparing and feeding metal tape - the possibility of producing a reinforced rubber profile

Laboratory equipment - Quality control of manufactured rubber mixes


Heat treatment

More than 30 types of processing.

Heat treatment of parts and workpieces made of a wide range of low-carbon, alloyed, structural and tool steels, as well as non-ferrous metals and alloys, aluminum, brass, bronze.

  • All types of annealing, normalization, aging 1000×1000×1200mm
  • Volumetric quenching, tempering 1000×1000×1200mm
  • Light quenching in the environment of protective gases 100×160×60mm
  • Surface quenching with high frequency currents D=150mm, L=1000mm
  • Quenching, annealing in vacuum D=400mm, L=500mm
  • Carbonitration of cutting tools in salt baths (P18,P9,P6M5, etc.)
  • 150×150×300mm
  • Cementation, nitrocementation, gas cementation D=600mm, L=700mm
  • Nitriding D=600mm, L=800mm
  • Chemical-thermal oxidation of the surface of the parts.

Heat treatment equipment:

  • CMEA type vacuum furnace
  • SSHV type vacuum furnace
  • shaft furnace for cementation, quenching
  • shaft furnace for high tempering
  • muffle furnace


More than 30 types of processing.

  • Alkaline galvanizing
  • Solid chromating
  • Copper plating
  • Tin-bismuth coating
  • Chemical nickel plating
  • Shiny nickel plating
  • Hot chemical oxidation
  • Chrome plating of molds
  • Silvering
  • Chemical passivation
  • Chromating
  • Priming by cathode electrodeposition-cataphoresis
  • Underwater galtovka.

Processing is carried out on automatic suspension and drum-type lines, in bells, in stationary baths of imported and domestic production, as well as on equipment of our own production.

Parameters of the processed parts:

  • Zinc coating on automatic lines of parts with an area of up to 20dm2, the permissible length of parts up to 1100 mm
  • Protective and decorative coatings in bell baths (copper plating, chemical and electrochemical nickel plating, tin plating, tin-bismuth coating, silvering) of parts with an area of 0.005 dm2 to 0.10 dm2.

Cataphoresis is an automatic priming line with cathode electrodeposition "EISENMANN". This coating is applied to metals and alloys before painting, and can also be used as an independent one. It has high adhesion and corrosion resistance.


Painting of parts

Highly progressive painting methods that allow you to minimize paint loss and achieve high surface quality. All conductive materials are painted.

The production is equipped with an automatic liquid paint line in an electrostatic field of the Italian manufacturer AVIN.

The line is equipped with two robot manipulators with the ability to adjust their movement along the vertical axis.

Painting is carried out by highly rotary sprayers WAGNER.

The advantages of this line are: high application efficiency, uniform coloring, coloring of hard-to-reach places, better edge coverage, simultaneous use of up to 4 types of paint coatings.


Printing on film materials

Characteristics of the automatic screen printing line.

SAKURAI automatic screen printing line is designed for printing film scales and light filters on sheet film materials.

The capacity of the automatic line is up to 600 impressions per hour.

The automatic line consists of a number of modules:

Flat-printing machine model MF-80 (manufactured in Japan) with automatic self-laying of sheets, a control and diagnostic panel with a touch display, overhead tables with vacuum falling belts, a vacuum printing table.

Combined drying machine model Air Force/UV/IR-90 (manufactured by Natgraph Ltd, UK) with a control camera.

The combined drying includes:

  • Steel table for connecting the drying chamber and the printing machine (transfer conveyor 0.5 mm.) with a vacuum clamping of sheets, a pneumatic 90° rotation device and an input device:
    • Module No. 1 hot air drying
    • Module #2 hot air sushi
    • Hot air drying Model No. 3
    • Active cooling module No. 5 with heat exchange radiator and a separate standing refrigerator.

The following materials are used as film materials:

  1. MAKROLON polycarbonate sheet monolithic transparent company BAYER, Germany.
  2. Macrocarbonate optical film MAKROLON DE6-2 wholesale company BAYER, Germany.
  3. LEXAN polycarbonate sheet, monolithic, transparent

For printing on film materials, screen printing inks of the MARASTAR SR series, manufactured by MARABU Germany, are used.


Surface mounting of printed circuit boards

The automatic ultra-high-speed line of surface mounting of printed circuit boards is designed to create high-performance sections of automated assembly of printed circuit boards in serial production. The line is fully automatic from the moment the printed circuit boards are loaded to the output of the assembled products.

The line works with any modern SMD components with a case size from 1 to 12 mm.

The accuracy of the installation of components is +-25 microns.

The maximum print size of the board is up to 510x460mm.

The performance for chip components is 17,000 units per hour, for chips 1200 units per hour.

Automatic line of selective wave soldering of the solder of the mounted elements of printed circuit boards, the necessary requirements for the production of electronic products are met - the production environment, antistatic protection (floors, furniture, containers, clothing, shoes, equipment, tools, etc.).


Design and manufacture of special technological equipment and accessories

The section of the CNC PSTO.

The site was formed for the manufacture of complex technological equipment, such as molds, stamps, devices necessary for mass production workshops. On this site there are CNC machines of the turning, milling and electric erosion group. This equipment is used for processing precise and high-precision parts, the complexity of which does not allow performing on universal machines.

Two 5-axis milling machines are installed on the site, which allow you to produce parts in 5 planes in one installation. Electric erosion machines that allow you to cut a complex geometric contour of a part with high accuracy. The machines provide sufficient productivity for a single production.


Assembly production

Assembly of products:
  • a wide range of
  • of various volumes-from a single exclusive assembly to mass production (hundreds of thousands)
  • with a high level of quality (no more than 50 ppm, that is, no more than 50 defects per 1,000,000 products)
  • with low costs
  • just in time.

The use of a production organization system based on the principles of "Lean production" allows you to reduce losses and create competitive advantages, opportunities for providing services for contract assembly.