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Отдел продаж

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Отдел продаж

Complete transformer substations (KTP)

The body of the KTP is made of galvanized steel with a thickness of at least 2 mm, in accordance with the standards of PJSC ROSSETI. Climatic version U1, degree of protection IP34. The roof and walls of the KTP are collapsible for the convenience of repair.

KTP are designed for an input voltage of 10(6)/0.4 kV. The substation design includes:

  • high voltage switchgear - RUVN,
  • low voltage switchgear - RUNN,
  • power transformer,
  • connecting devices,
  • auxiliary equipment.

The high voltage switchgear (LVN) is based on the CSR-393 camera and includes:

  • voltage indicators,
  • fuses,
  • surge limiters,
  • autogas or vacuum load switches.

The doors of the chamber are blocked if the grounding knives are not lowered.

The low voltage switchgear (RUNN) includes:

  • telemechanics cabinet and automated information and measurement system of commercial electricity metering (ASUE);
  • electricity metering cabinet of outgoing connections with KVANT ST2000-12W meters connected via TTI current transformers of accuracy class not lower than 0.5S without a bus to reduce electricity losses,
  • a rack of an input-distribution device with an input machine, automatic feeders, current transformers and surge limiters.

An automatic switch with thermal and electromagnetic disconnectors VA57-39 ZR from 160A is installed at the input to the RUNN.

Legrand DPX3 250 circuit breakers with electronic disconnectors and smooth adjustment of the time-current characteristic (VTC) are placed on the outgoing connections.

KPT from NPK AVTOPRIBOR are equipped with power transformers of their own production. Amorphous cores significantly reduce idling losses, which saves electricity many times.

The connection of the transformers to the buses is provided by the hardware pin terminals of the ASHM.

NPK AVTOPRIBOR produces the following types of KTP:

  • by type of input: air and cable, both from the high and low voltage side;
  • for connection to power lines: through and dead-end.